November 2019 Bourse

Dear Dealers and Collectors, 

After significant movement, Senate Bill 457 and House Bill 992, filed on behalf of the Tennessee Precious Metals, Coin & Currency Coalition, will unfortunately not become law in Tennessee this year. While the bill moved through the process with tremendous support in both the House and Senate, it was not funded in this year’s budget. 

As late as the session’s final week, our lobbyists were reassured that the bill was in good position to get funded. However, as any end-of-session budget process unfolds, back-room negotiations are made. Unfortunately for the coalition, we got caught up in a bigger dispute between the House and Senate, as the Senate had zero appetite for new tax cuts this year. We are hopeful that tax cuts will be more palatable in 2020, as it is an election year. 

Although we were not successful in getting the bill passed during this legislative session, we believe we made significant steps toward getting the bill funded and passed next year. The sales-tax exemption has more support than ever, and we have a commitment from the House Budget Subcommittee chairman that he will work with us again next year to get the bill funded. We will continue to work over the summer to broaden our support. 

But it is essential that you help. 

Our lobbyist costs in Tennessee are $36,000. Expenses for expert witnesses, ICTA staff, and mailings are estimated to be $6,500. 

One of the sensitive areas of the discussion from legislators was, “How many dealers and collectors from Tennessee have participated financially?” Our answers were perceived as vague, since fewer than 20 have contributed. 

We absolutely need your help in this! Your contribution of $300, $500, or even $1,000—today—is essential to our future success. Many have already given time, talent, and treasure and have pledged additional amounts during our campaign. Now, we want and need your help. 

We are very close and do not want to drop the ball with our goal so close! 

With our bill, the benefits to you and your business will be significant. Do not put this off. This will be the most important investment you will make for you and your business. 

Please make your check payable to Tennessee Precious Metals, Coin & Currency Coalition, P.O. Box 2869, Brentwood, TN 37024. 

For more information, please contact COL Steven Ellsworth, ret., by calling (703) 932-6331 or emailing 

My sincere appreciation and warmest regards, 

COL Steven Ellsworth, ret. 

(TSNS) Fall Coin Show Nov 8th - 10th, 2019 ----- NEW DATES due to sporting events at East Ridge during 1st weekend of Nov.

Camp Jordan Arena, I-75, Exit 1

Phone: 423-401-8363

Dealers - The Snack Bar will be open during setup (1 PM to 5 PM).

Bourse Application

Send application with bourse fees to the bourse chairperson, Katie Williams. Call or e-mail Katie Williams (423-401-8363) for questions.

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