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The objectives of this organization are to promote, extend and protect numismatic activity throughout the state, and to foster and encourage the study of numismatics in all its forms and branches; to assist in bringing about better cooperation between all persons interested in numismatics in the state.

Biographies Submitted for 2020 Election of Officers

My name is Glenda Weaver, my husband Wayne and I live 30 miles north of Nashville, TN in Cross Plains. We had a coin shop located in Greenbrier, TN for fourteen years.

I am currently running for a position on the Board of Governors.

We have been dealers at TSNS since 2003. I have served as Historian and also served on the Board of Governors and was also 2nd Vice President. I am a Life member of TSNS. I enjoy collecting paper money.

I am always ready to volunteer my time in order to help with anything that needs to be done in reference to the show. I help coordinate the exhibits for the TSNS show. We serve as Bourse Security and coordinate with the East Ridge Police Department to make sure we are secured from 12:00 noon on Thursday at set up until closing of the show at 3:00 on Sunday. Security is over at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

I correspond with corporate at Best Western hotel for our courtesy rates for our dealers for both of our shows.

I would appreciate your vote and it would be an honor to serve a term on the

Board of Governors.
Thank you, Glenda Weaver

My name is Wayne Weaver, Glenda and I live in Cross Plains, TN. 30 miles North of Nashville in Robertson County.

Thave been dealing in coins and paper money since the late 70's. I started doing shows in 2003.

We had a full-time coin shop for fourteen years in Greenbrier, TN., also located in Robertson County.

I have been a dealer at Tennessee State since 2003. Glenda, my wife and I have been in charge of security at the TSNS Show since 2006, coordinating with the East Ridge Police Department, making sure we have security around the clock during the show, from Thursday 12:00 noon until Sunday 5:00 p.m.

I am currently a member of the Board of Governors and have served in many positions with the Tennessee State show and I am a Life Member with TSNS and BRNA and also ANA.

I am currently seeking another term on the Board of Governors and will continue to work for the Dealers of the show and I would appreciate your vote.

Thanks, Wayne Weaver

Bob Hurst is the current President of Tennessee State Numismatic Society (TSNS).

Bob served in the USAF for 21 years. He collected, Korean Charm Money, Morgan dollars, Bust Half dollars, U.S. Large Cents, Foreign coins and crowns, and exclusively ancient Greek and Roman coinage. He is currently a full-time dealer in ancient, foreign and crown size coinage.

Bob has been honored by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) with the ANA Presidential Award, the ANA Glenn Smedley Memorial Award, and the ANA Educational Award for educational speaking and ANA's The National Coordinator's Award of Numismatic Excellence. He has also received the Florida United Numismatic (FUN) Presidential Award, and also from FUN, the Polly Abbott Annual Service Award, Charles B. Fine Literary Award, and many certificates and plaques of appreciation for educational talks and for exhibit judging. He also served for six years as the bourse chairman for the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association (BRNA).

He is a member of: ANA, American Numismatic Society, FUN, TSNS, BRNA, North Carolina Numismatic Association, South Carolina Numismatic Association, Virginia Numismatic Association, Georgia Numismatic Association, Central States Numismatic Society, Missouri State Numismatics and to many to mention local coin clubs around the country. He has served as president of several organizations including FUN.

He would like to continue serving TSNS in his current position as President, to ensure that the convention and membership continues to grow.

I, Amy Kubicek, am running for TSNS Secretary/Treasurer position. I have performed the duties for this position since March 2011, when I was asked to temporarily help out. The TSNS By-laws were amended early this year making Secretary/Treasurer an elected position. I would appreciate your vote and would be honored to serve as TSNS Secretary/Treasurer for the next term.

James and I participated in our first coin show in November 2006 which was in Rome, GA. We currently set up at approximately 21 shows a year. Coin collecting was a hobby that turned into a second business. Our full-time business is owning and managing KGB Controls a Systems Integrator Company. Over the years as coin dealers, we have made many lasting friendships with dealers and customers.

Charles Cataldo
I began the business in 1975, full-time coins, currency, and Native American artifacts. I had worked for PCI as an authenticator and grader, both with Lewis Revels and Brian Beardsley. I have taught numismatic and artifact courses at the Univ. Of Alabama in Huntsville for OLLI, the Advanced Educators group. Wife of 36 years Becky, daughters Shannon (21) and Winter (6). Member of SDR, TSNS, ANS, ANA, BRNA, FUN, SPDA(artifacts). Served on Board of Gov. for ANS and TSNS, and 1St VP of TSNS(current).

Jim Lusk
I am asking for reelection to TSNS Board of Directors. I have enjoyed being an elected board member off TSNS for many years. I have helped guide TSNS through many trials and tribulations. I would like to continue in this capacity. I have been a coin collector for over 60 years. I have been President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Chattanooga and John Ross coin clubs for several terms involving several years since moving to Chattanooga in 1987. I retired as a freight broker in the trucking industry about 2009. I enjoy touring our bourse floor at our shows soliciting member's opinions on various operations of our Tennessee State Numismatic Society I solicit your support in my bid for reelection.

Jim Lusk

Wes Mull, owner of Empire Gold & Silver, has been in the coin business since 2002. The love affair with coins began with a summer job in shipping and receiving for his uncle Lewis Revels (Chattanooga Coin Co.), who spent 50 years in the coin business. After 3 years, Wes left and went to work with his mentor, Brian Beardsley, where he learned the art of trading and the finesse of dealing in coins.

After five years, Wes ventured out on his own as an entrepreneur and has been a well-known presence in the Coin Industry ever since. Wes believes the Tennessee State Numismatic Society is one of the numismatic organizations around and looks forward to having the opportunity to serve on the board of governors.

Wes seeks to help generate new fresh ideas to further the hobby for collectors, but also create a dealer friendly atmosphere that will help facilitate healthy business and a long-lasting positive impact on the coin industry. If elected, Wes looks forward to forward to working closely with dealers and hobbyists to improve on an already stellar TSNS organization.

Jim O'Bryant
In the 1950s at age ten my grandmother gifted me a few of my grandfather's coins.! acquired Indian pennies, V nickels, and Barber coins. My interest grew for a few years until teenage pursuits began to occupy my mind.

A few years elapsed and after I started a family my interest was reignited to the extent that I began to buy and sell to support my hobby. I soon set up a coin display inside a sporting goods store then grew to a corner with coins and supplies inside a pawn shop. Within a few years, I opened my first storefront, Jim's Coins in the early 1970's. The boom of the late '70s led to becoming a partner in Classic Coins, a storefront in downtown Chattanooga. After leaving Classic, I pursued other business interests for many years including jewelry stores and pawn shops.

My interest in coins was once again ignited at the beginning of the twenty-first century. I have been attending and displaying various coin shows ever since. I currently set up at about 35 shows a year across the Southeast.

I am a lifetime member of the ANA, BRNA, GNA, and TSNS. I also belong to several other associations.

David Lannom
Kingston, TN
It all started with frequent visits to a small town hobby shop to buy model airplane kits when I discovered that coins could be found in pocket change that were worth more than face value. That started the adventure of looking through my paper route change and swapping roles at banks in hopes of finding a treasure. I never found anything particularly valuable, but I guess it was because a lot of my friends and their friends as well were doing the same thing.

My interests waned, like so many others, when the government announced that it was eliminating silver from our coinage and most of the pre-1965 coins quickly disappeared. However, a few years later, that interest was rekindled while in college. I was working briefly at a government facility in southern Ohio and discovered something called a flea market in Washington Court House, Ohio.

Several coin dealers attended this flea market each month, and they displayed so much interesting material; coins and related items that I had just never seen before. They were also quick to educate and offer advice. Many years later I learned that one of those flea market dealers was Leon Hendrickson.

My professional training is in engineering, and I spent 40 plus years working at one of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee nuclear facilities. I started a part-time coin business in the 1980s and that continues today. | attend local and regional shows, am a member of the ANA, and several state numismatic organizations.

I deal mainly in United States coins. Although there are possible investment opportunities in this business, early US coinage to me represents an interesting slice of history. I have enjoyed meeting so many warm and interesting people, and the stories they tell never ceases to entertain.

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