Tennessee State Numismatic Society Exhibit Rules

All exhibitors must be members of the Tennessee State Numismatic Society. If you are not a member, you may join prior to the convention. To join TSNS print the application , fill it out and send along with the dues to:

Wayne Weaver TSNS Exhibit Chairman
2347 Hwy 41S
Greenbrier, TN 37073

2. All material shown must the property of the exhibitor.

3. All exhibits must be prepared and set up by the exhibitor.

4. Any material known to be a legitimate copy or replica must be labeled as such.

5. All exhibits must be in place before noon Friday in order to qualify for awards. Exhibits may not be removed from exhibit cases before 1:00 PM Sunday, unless special permission is obtained from the Exhibit Chairperson. Exhibits shall be removed no later than 1 hour after show closing time, Sunday 4:00 PM.

6. The exhibit application must be postmarked no later than 30 days prior to the show date to qualify for awards.

7. Exhibit cases will be furnished by request, however you-may furnish your own cases. Exhibit cases inside dimensions are 32 3/4 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches.

8. You may enter only once in each category. There will be no more than 3 total cases per exhibit.

9. Exhibits may be entered in various classes or if there is small number of total exhibits they may compete against each other. The Exhibit Committee will make this decision.

10. Junior exhibits will be entered in a separate competition.

11. There will be first, second and third place awards as well as Best of Show.

12. Decision of the judges is final. Exhibitor’s name cannot be displayed.

13. Non competitive exhibits will be welcomed if space permits. This is at the discretion of the Exhibit Chairperson.

14. An exhibit that has won TSNS Best of Show Senior or Junior can only be entered competitively again if it has changed substantially.

15. The Convention Committee will provide 24 hour armed security, but all exhibits are displayed at the risk of the owner.